DREAD Cutting / Colour Information

Your dreads can be cut whether it be a trim or completely off and a style cut created. If it's just a trim wanted , then this can be done dueing a maintenance session, doesn't take too long.

Under no circumstances do we do bleaching of dreads , as over the years we have found that bleaching of dreads will evenutally totally fray them away, ( nothing that can't be fixed, but we are here to keep them their best not to destroy them).

This is not to say we can't blonde your dreads as there are other ways to go, besides a bleaching, keeping in mind the exsisting colour you have.

For any kind of colour work you will need a consultation prior to your appointment, but prcing does start from $88 to give you an idea.

We can advise you about colours as we are hairdressers, but we do not do colour work on dreads @ Do Yer Nut.