Dreadlocks Maintenance

@ $95 per hour, bring your partner, family member or a friend, which we can go through step by step so the next time they will know what to do for you. We'll show you how to do you roots, blow outs (if any) and the ends to keep them looking great, as well as which tools and products would be best. Any Sort of maintenance work starts @ $65. All our maintenance usually takes 1 hour to complete. So if it is less then an hour your pricing should be between $65 and $95.

Also any questions you might want to know. Do Yer Nut uses the "Shovlock" tool for maintanence work with dreadlocks which are sold there along with info CD as well as the hooks needed to feed that loose hair back into each dread!

It's important that your dreads are washed prior to your maintenance appointment and dried also, as this makes it easier and quicker to work with as well as stripping the natural oil from you scalp ( due to washing them) this makes the loose hair which we feed back into the dreads stay in, if your dreads take about 24 hours to dry then , then wash them 24 hours before.

Unforunately you are unable to wash your dreads for approx 4-5 days after maintenance as in this time those loose hairs which we have tightened in have ample time to get caught up in the dreads, we prefer you to gives them just a loving palm roll each day instead.

Alternatively you may choose & purchase beads / and other accessories at the end of your maintenance session and we will place them in for free of charge of course, unless it's a permanent Raglock, please check out our "Permanent Dread Decor" page.