Having Dreads Done

This Service is one price ONLY "$585" whether short, med, long, thick or thin dreads.

You need to call 24 hours before your appointment to confirm (a message can be left on our answering machine). Appointments are automatically cancelled if a confirmation is not done since there is always a cancelation list. Your hair needs to be washed a couple of times ( No Conditioner ), So clean, dry and tangle free on the day.

To dread your hair we will need approx 8cm to 15cm depending on your hair texture, whether it's fat or skinny dreads your after the time it takes is the same, you will lose length on skinny dreads as the hair compacts up more, the advantage with the skinny one is they do dry quicker, but, the fatter the dread, the quicker they become mature , and maybe a little less maintenance required on your behalf, Since there isn't so many to look after.

Dreadlocks when done properly being noticed as what it is, a Hairstyle like most hairstyles it does need to be maintained to look their best, and every hairstyle needs certain products to keep it looking it's best, Knotty Boy is the absolute best that can be bought for dreadlocks.

All our Dreads are perfected by hand, with a hook, back combing and a tightening tool.

No Glue or Stitching or Perm Solution or Rubber bands.

Always before you leave us on the day you have your dreads you will recieve the proper dreadlock wax and shampoo, needed to keep your dreads in check, while they are still young which is - Highly Recommended.


This only takes approx 5 - 10 mins and is done 10 - 14 days of having your dreads done. We give your new head it's first wash and show you have each product is used , explain to you about the dread process as you should have a few questions by this time. Obvisiously if you have had dreads before there is no need, or if you are unable to come back in within the time. Just call and we will run thru the best way to wash your dreads