Dread Make-overs



YES!!,  Do Yer Nut extreme dread make-over, 100% fool proof , turn your rats tails into the real thing , whether your dreads have thinned over the years  / have weak areas within them , / fraying to nothing / hanging on by only strands, ……………………………


WE CAN HELP YOU!! Whether it being a major or minor job, we guantee  you’ll be happy


It’s taken awhile to perfect, but we’ve never given up, as your stress had become ours,

We can also lighten or darken at the same time.

Always 100% human hair is used.

100% human Hair for full head  $1800
     Or $35  per dread.

Re-enforcement of thinned areas is $12 per Area.

Major Fix Ups / 100% human hair for full head $900
     Or $17.50  per dread.


              Before                                          After 


                     Before                                                                   After

                    Before                                                                  After

There will be times when some heads of dreads might only want the regrowth thickened up , this service is approx an hour & 1/2 , priced @ $110 , if maintenance is required on the rest of each dread , ( all loose hair fed back in & regrowth tightened ) then add an extra $55

Make an appointment for a consultation / colour match.